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B2C Email Appending

B2C email appending helps to fortify email deliverability

When your database is infused with customer name, job title, location, contact data and web address, and suddenly you find out that the email campaigns you sent, using the email addresses in that database, get bounced back, it means the email delivery failed. If you do not want this to happen to your hard efforts, then get your database modified with working and complete email addresses. In the absence of email addresses, marketing campaigns can take a lot of time to get across personally to every business prospect.

In any case, your database has everything but email addresses of target customers, then Email Data Group can help you with its exclusive consumer email append services. Our match rate of appending B2C email addresses is 35-45% (the highest in the industry). If you want consumer email addresses appended to your database, you can avail our B2C e-appending service. With our layered verification tool, our email appending services become even more sought after. We provide only performance-driven email addresses of consumers and hence, require mailing address, name, age, gender, etc. to search and provide accurate email addresses.

Help your email campaigns attain high CTRs with our consumers email appending services

After a certain point of time, you will discover that a significant percentage of email addresses is missing from your B2C prospect database. This may interrupt a marketing strategy that has online marketing as a major approach. So, what do you do about it? Would you search for email addresses of each and every customers? It will take more time than you think. The reason why we suggest b2c email append is because:

  • It renders 100% accurate, opted-in, and highly deliverable email addresses of your prospects
  • It provides countless b2c email addresses appended to your list, even if you have just one of these - ZIP code, neighborhood, city, metropolitan, county, area code, state, etc.
  • It gives out hand-picked email records, verified through both automated and manual processes to ensure cent per cent data quality
  • It helps marketers to reap rewards for appending B2C email contacts to their database in just 7 days (depending on the size and quality of the data provided to us; in rare cases the time may extend to one month)

Consumer email appending services help to lessen marketing cycle time

We find email addresses after taking down details of your consumers and then refer to various public sources such as government reports, public directories, online market survey forms, etc. Thereafter, each and every email address is matched with our in-house database and verified for validity. After this, every valid email address is passed on to you via FTP server for secure delivery. At Email Data Group, we bring together email marketing list to your desks through b2c e-append services that are very different from other similar services in the industry because we only give out email addresses based on your customer's details and not just based on our database and hence, the match rate is decent enough to get your campaigns the results they need to deliver.

To know about our latest offers on consumer email append service, call Email Data Group at 800-710-4895 or drop us an email message at info@emaildatagroup.net. Trigger high responses from email subscribers by using responsive b2c email lists passed on to you through our delivery-driven b2c email address appending services.

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