Event Promotions

Make your event create a memorable experience for your audience.

You’ve planned an exceptional business event and published a press release...
You think that’s enough to gain attention?
You think that will make your audience “mark their calendars” for you?

Event Promotions go beyond telemarketing and publishing press releases. In order for an event to get the attention it deserves, it needs to have a more concrete strategy and plan. With Event Promotion services from Email Data Group, you can connect with your target audience without misses.

This is how it is done:

  • Messaging intent is developed - A specific messaging objective is developed in order to establish what your event wants to accomplish, who should attend your event, what you want your audience to know, and how they benefit out of it.
  • Event website is created - A website or microsite is created specifically to provide your audience with information at a quick glance. The "elevator pitch" and blurbs are also created.
  • Submissions are sent to publications - In order to spread the word, your advertising message is published in relevant publications with necessary back links to your event website. Prior to the launch of the event, articles will be published to generate interest.
  • Promotion is done through social media - No event today can be promoted completely without the use of social media. In order to engage your audience, various social media channels will be used to create pre-launch and post-launch buzzes.

Tune into the agenda of your audience,

Urge them to “mark their calendar” for your event.

Let your event create a memorable experience for your audience

Contact us at 800-710-4895 or Email us at info@emaildatagroup.net and get into a habit of winning.

I'm sure we'll secure new business from the contacts you've supplied us, and sooner rather than later...

Mr. Bill Kennedy
Bill Kennedy
"Know your People"

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