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Database Management

Use Database Management tools to convert data into intelligence.

How is Database Management perceived across your enterprise – is there a level of commitment from senior management?
What are the standards and policies that govern Database Management – what are the compliance levels?

The service helps in storing, integrating, organizing, and analyzing data generated perpetually. It also helps in developing customer data structures in order to facilitate marketers and managers in understanding their target markets better.

For us at Email Data Group, Database Management begins with defining how data is collected first, how it has to be stored and labeled, and the standardization required in a data inventory.

There are 4 aspects of measuring your maturity level in Database Management:

  • Data Governance - What are the policies, standards, and rules that govern data, and what are the compliance levels?
  • Data Technology - What are the data tools and technologies used across the enterprise, and are they in line with business requirements?
  • Strategic Involvement - Is Database Management perceived across the organization with a vision at the senior levels?
  • Performance Measurement - Is there a performance management system and do performance reports help in measurement and improvement?

Maintain data integrity, accuracy, and completeness,

Utilize new data tools and technologies.

Involve the senior management in Data Management!

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Kevin Hayden

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