Six intelligent email marketing practices

B2B marketers often in hurry to reach their prospects’ inbox ignore some essential email marketing practices and later pay heavy price. Sending unsolicited emails, email blasts, emails with misleading subject lines, all triggers ISPs and taint your sender reputation. Given below are 6 intelligent practices to gain more from email marketing.

First Don’t send emails to people who have not opted to receive emails from you. The CAN-SPAM Act, 2003 clearly mentions not to send unsolicited emails to the target group to stay away from blacklisting and spam complaints.

Second – Make sure your message is interesting, informative and minus spam triggering words. Your email recipient has tens of emails similar to yours, your challenge is to create message that’s out of the league. Don’t add too much of creativity by using difficult industry words and jargons, chances are your email recipients will suspect you as a spammer.

Third: If your email has lots of images, make sure to test it on various ESPs. Most of the ESPs block images for their users and open only on the recipients’ wish. Your message thus will fail to convey the actual message.

Fourth: Make your emails more engaging and responsive by including a link to survey, whitepaper download or landing page (related to the message). Sending long emails with nothing much to learn, gain or do has very less readers.

Fifth: Check how your email campaign is performing by preparing a report on open and click through rates, hard and soft bounces, etc. This will help you chalk out the good and bad aspects of your campaigns, and so that you can fix the loopholes before the next campaign.

Sixth: Email is undoubtedly a cost effective, fast, measurable marketing channel. It however works much better if you use this channel along with other direct marketing channels like telemarketing, fax broadcast, direct mail and social media marketing.

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Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies.