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Make the most of your marketing campaign by using our SAP ERP customers list. 100% accurate and actionable data lists to help you win the best prospects!. SAP ERP is a widely used enterprise resource planning software worldwide. The software successfully covers numerous aspects of business management. And provides a centralized system to access and share useful data across departments. Many top companies use SAP ERP software to integrate their functions such as sales and distribution, accounting, management, procurement, finance, human resource, and more.


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No organization can reach higher efficiency without integrating and properly managing its business operations. Regardless of their size and industry, a quick flow of information is the key to maximum productivity. Thus, it is no surprise that SAP ERP has its presence in numerous industries including, retail, IT, healthcare, manufacturing, and so on. Then, as a marketer, you will benefit significantly by targeting companies using SAP ERP software.

However, marketing your business to genuinely interested clients is easier said than done. Your hours of effort and planning might go to waste if you do not have access to reliable customer information. This is why, it is time for you to invest in Email Data Group’s SAP ERP users list, your one-stop solution for all your data-related woes. Here, we understand the hard work you put in to take your business to the right people. So, we offer you the most accurate and refined email database so that your next marketing campaign becomes a big hit!

Customize SAP ERP Customers List with Following Data Sets Including :

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Assets Size

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We aim to deliver you the best sources out there. Our list of companies using SAP ERP is specifically built to facilitate your multi-channel marketing. We help you create a presence exactly where your customers are! Be it direct marketing, telemarketing, email, or social media marketing, launch campaigns through your preferred channels and win sales-ready leads.

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At Email Data Group, we understand how outdated or unreliable information can affect your marketing strategies. And sorting through a massive database for errors and inconsistencies is not an ideal situation for anyone. But our data experts promise to do the heavy lifting for you! Our data repository undergoes frequent checks and updates to ensure you get the most actionable leads. There is no place for duplicate, obsolete, or incorrect information as we strive to provide you with the best service.

Our years of experience and expertise in the industry will help you connect with the top decision-makers and IT professionals in the industry. Whatever your business goals are, our well-segmented SAP ERP customers list is all you need to achieve these goals and take a lead in this competitive market. Moreover, we adhere to industry norms and privacy regulations such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM to ensure the highest deliverability rate and maximum ROI for your business!

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What is SAP ERP Customers List?

Several top companies across industries such as IT, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and so on using SAP ERP software to integrate their business functions. SAP ERP users' list will provide you with detailed contact information, which makes it easier to establish business communication with your target audience.

Should I buy SAP ERP Database?

We understand that unreliable customer information can lead to wasted time and marketing efforts. But SAP ERP users' list is developed to help you take your business to the right people. So book a sample today without a second thought!

Where can I buy a list of Companies Using SAP ERP?

Avail a permission-based, accurate list of companies using SAP ERP with Email Data Group. Our multi-step and AI-enabled verification process ensures you have access to updated customer information at all times.

Is it Worth buying SAP ERP Customers List?

Connecting with relevant clients is not always a walk in the park. But a customized SAP ERP users' list makes it so! You can invest in our mailing list and target top decision-makers to boost your brand visibility.

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