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Connect with the right people at the correct time and take your marketing campaign to the next level using the PeopleSoft ERP Customers List from Email Data Group.Managing data analytics and business resources are part and parcel of running a successful business. And most companies outsource this work to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management software. The application not only handles the back-office human resource responsibilities but it also manages business processes, services, etc., effectively.


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Customize PeopleSoft ERP Customers List with Following Data Sets Including :

. Company Size

Company Size

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Job Title

. Technology Tracking

Technology Tracking

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Assets Size

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  • Worried about your email marketing efforts landing in the spam folder of your prospects? Well, with our email list in hand, there’s no reason to. Why? Our email list only includes the contact information of consenting individuals. So, all your marketing emails are solicited, meaning you’ll likely have better open rates too.

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  • Thinking of expanding your business across borders? Get our email list with accurate contact details of prospects from the UK, USA, Australia, and even the Middle East to help you out. Reach out to key decision-makers right from your home base, and skip the hassles of finding the right contact information altogether.

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  • When you deploy an email marketing campaign, deliverability is key. And with our email list, you never have to worry about it once. The reason? Our list comes with double-verified data that ensures up to 95% deliverability.

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Take Your Marketing Campaigns up a Notch with Our PeopleSoft ERP Customers List

When it comes to ERP software, no list is complete without mentioning PeopleSoft ERP. The reason? The software from Oracle seamlessly handles a range of business activities, right from human capital management to enterprise service automation, given its world-class features. And that's not all. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, employees at all levels can use it without any prior training. Hence, it should come as no surprise that over 4800 companies worldwide use PeopleSoft ERP. Is your company trying to target this segment? Well, then we, at Email Data Group, have the perfect product to help you out,

Our PeopleSoft Customers List is the perfect data partner to help you build your product marketing campaign. Why? Because it provides you with an updated list of PeopleSoft users, business professionals, and key decision-makers, you can reach out to with your marketing offers instantly.

Our PeopleSoft ERP Customers List includes all the data you need to generate a personalized campaign, from job profiles to social media handles. What’s more, our lists are double-verified by our expert team of data scientists. With such email data, you can easily build a 360-degree profile of your prospects and align your marketing campaigns to cater to them while being assured that your campaigns reach the intended audience. Naturally, such personalized campaigns have higher deliverability and convert better, given they are centered around your audience’s interests.

Ensure Your Marketing Campaigns Are Compliant with the Latest Data Protection Regulations

Data protection is the need of the hour, and it is here to stay. So, why not embrace it and make your campaigns compliant with them from the get-go?. Our PeopleSoft ERP Users List does the hard work for you. How? Because all our lists only include data that are compliant with the latest data protection regulations like GDPR, for instance. Hence, you can future-proof your marketing campaigns with our email list in hand and get returns year after year!

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