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The AS/400 is an object-based operating system controlled by IBM. AS in AS/400 stands for Application System, and this operating system features RDBMS (DB2/400), printers, a menu-driven interface, and block-oriented terminal support (IBM 5250). AS400 supports communications, security, and web-based applications. Email Data Group leads in database building services. Get contact information on AS/400 users including professionals other from different companies. The AS/400 customers list has all the information that marketers are looking for to develop productive business relationships.

The master-file of Companies using IBM AS/400 contains the most responsive and authentic contacts for targeting business prospects who are mainly business technology users. You will get 100 % coverage of email, physical address and telephone information required to maximize B2B direct marketing campaigns. The AS/400 clients marketing database is accessible to anyone in the world. This list helps business enterprises and professionals across various business verticals to market their products or services.

Email Data Group Provides Customized List of IBM AS/400 Users List Including:

AS/400e Users List AS400 Decision Makers List
IBM AS/400 ( iSeries) Users List iSeries Users List
Database of IBM i Analysts AS/400 (Application System/400)
AS/400 Networking Users List eServer iSeries/400 Users List

Customize AS/400 Users List with Following Data Sets Including :

. Company Size

Company Size

. Job Title

Job Title

. Technology Tracking

Technology Tracking

. Assets Size

Assets Size

. Industry Size


. Geography


Run campaigns with list of companies that use AS/400

Email Data Group's IBM AS/400 Users Email List are the most trusted marketing resources that are approved by the global industry standards of data hygiene. This implies we have put extreme hard work to bring together authentic data from various b2b data sources like company directories, yellow pages, trade shows, business magazines, webinars, etc. AS400 users mailing database is most reasonably priced and its delivery can be done within a time frame suitable to your requirement.

Keep a distance from fake business database providers who provide content that technically cannot provide any positive result, lowering your marketing quality. Avoid fraudulent data vendors that present corporate contact lists and b2b databases that adversely affects your business. Our users email database is well-segmented to refine your data selection. Planning to buy email list? We will guarantee you our email lists will give above 75% deliverables on your email marketing campaigns.

By using our multi-sourced AS/400 users mailing list, you will get to explore cross-industry ecosystems that will help you to maximize your ROI. Our comprehensive list of top-selling databases encourages multichannel marketing. Thus, you can use our social verified web addresses of company profiles on the social media to increase audience and organic reach. We have been providing contemporary marketing services to practically every type of enterprise.

Send error-free emails with our opted-in AS/400 Customers List

We have studied markets over the years and have understood that data can make or break a business and hence, we put in a lot of efforts to design AS/400 users email list that can be used as a single marketing tool to obtain expected results. By keeping the AS/400 customers List updated, you can attract the right prospects to your business. In case your b2b email marketing campaign has gone for a toss and landed in a spam folder lately, we recommend that you think about business email appending. Promote your technological offer across global markets by using superior quality AS/400 users email list, as it helps you to:

  • roll out real-time campaigns to global prospects
  • target niche markets and prospects
  • improve business bottom line with increased sales
  • improve lead generation

It’s no secret that several multi-national companies across diverse industries extensively use IBM AS/400. Due to its versatile utility in security, communications, and web-based applications, this state-of-the-art OS has garnered a lot of popularity in recent years.

Needless to say, marketing to organizations that run AS/400 can help generate a host of warm leads for your business. But how to target these enterprises? Well, Email Data Group’s state-of-the-art AS/400 users email list can provide access to the contact details of key industry players that use AS/400.

Through our database, you can approach and nurture prospects in the right way and build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with them. Widen your business horizons with our AS/400 users mailing list!

Our comprehensive list of Companies Using AS/400 is tailored for maximum sales productivity and customer engagement. To that end, our lists feature multiple data categories to help you personalize lead communication, which can help achieve higher engagement and subsequent conversions. Spend less and gain more in no time – that’s what we promise with our customized mailing lists!

Here Are Some Exciting Benefits of Using Our AS/400 Users Mailing List

  • Bespoke Email Lists Aligned to Your Objectives :
  • What good is a pre-packaged list if it can’t even capture your business goals and needs? Therefore, our experts at Email Data Group only offer customized mailing lists in line with your marketing needs. Just tell us your requirements and budget, and we’ll have a personalized email list ready for you in no time.

  • Budget-Friendly Databases :
  • Email Data Group’s AS/400 Users List classifies as a win-win option. Why? Because aside from being accurate, well-segmented, and relevant, we also sell them at a pocket-friendly price tag.

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Capabilities :
  • Apart from email marketing, Email Data Group’s database is also suitable for telemarketing, social media marketing, and direct mail marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, you can run any campaign across any channel of your liking and foster long-lasting customer relationships across numerous verticals.

  • Get Up-to-Date, Verified Data
  • Before you receive your database, we run it through a 6-step AI and human-assisted verification process to ensure that you get only actionable, responsive data. What’s more, we make sure your data doesn’t go stale even after you’ve received the database, with our quarterly SMTP and NCOA verification and updation of data every 45 days.

  • Go Global :
  • Why stay local when you can go global? Use our geo-targeted AS/400 Users List, uncover new international markets, and serve a global audience. Our database is populated with premium email leads across the USA, UK, APAC countries, Middle East, Australia, and many more regions.

Get a List of Companies Using IBM AS/400

Get a Hyper-Segmented Database with Hundreds of Fields with Our AS/400 Users List

To facilitate a highly targeted marketing approach, Email Data Group ensures that all data is segmented according to your unique business specifications. Our AS/400 Users List will give you much-needed insights into your target audience, allowing you to create tailored conversations across multiple channels to win them over.

This list of fields is in no way exhaustive! Our AS/400 Users Email List covers more than 50 such segmentations. By providing a plethora of contact fields, we make it easy for your sales and marketing teams to etch out new audience niches and service each one of them in the most personalized way possible.

Our Resources

Email Data Group’s list of Companies That Use AS/400 is a trusted marketing resource, collated by following the rigorous data hygiene standards set by the industry. We have achieved this quality through our team’s dedication and diligence in gathering accurate, reliable data from varied sources such as:

  • Business Conferences and Events
  • Newsletter and Magazine Subscriptions
  • Public Records
  • Trade Fairs
  • Business Directories
  • ERP Technology Survey and Feedback forms
  • Opt-in Email Campaigns
  • Business Cards

But accuracy isn’t enough if your audience isn’t interested in hearing from you. That’s why we make sure our AS/400 Users Mailing List contains only consent-based opt-in data, meaning your emails and messages will always be welcomed by the prospects. With only high-quality leads populating your CRM, you’ll be able to augment your customer engagement and improve your customer acquisition rate in no time. Choose Email Data Group as your data provider and foster quality relationships with your business prospects. Purchase email lists from us today and witness unbound marketing success.

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AS400 is an object-based operating system that supports security, communications, and web-based applications. The AS400 customers' list includes all the relevant contact information you need to target industry professionals and foster lasting business relationships.

The AS/400 master database includes the information of the most responsive and genuine business leads using this technology. This email list will allow you to establish business communication based on segmented data fields and drive higher growth.

You can buy an accurate list of companies using AS/400 from Email Data Group. Our data experts curate this database from several trustworthy resources and conduct regular AI-enabled verification checks to ensure you get only the fresh and relevant leads for your business.

AS/400 customers' list gives you access to authentic data to support your multi-channel marketing campaigns and improve the quality of your sales pipeline. Using our reliable data, you can see a significant decline in your bounce-back rates, unsubscribe rates, and higher ROI.

The AS/400 master database includes the information of the most responsive and genuine business leads using this technology. This email list will allow you to establish business communication based on segmented data fields and drive higher growth.

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