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B2B Email Lists

Business Email List – Business Growth Made Easy

Email marketing is highest profit reaping marketing channel as it is reported by researchers that 3800% ROI can reaped solely by email campaigns. Alongside, 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is the lifeblood of their business. Every day, our email inboxes are flooded with plenty of emails, some that are of value and some unnecessary. Those not responded to or marked as spam may be some kind of a marketing campaign. If you do not want your campaigns to be wasted in some wrong inboxes, then get in touch with us at Email Data Group to try its verified b2b email list of business prospects.

During a period of 45 days, our massive b2b email address lists make it through a dual verification process and the responsive ones are finalized to be delivered. Every record is vital and we precisely sort each of them in our valid business email database in set segments based on various customer demographics, such as- Contact Name, Job Title, Industry Type, Company size, Mailing Address, Phone, Fax, Email Address, Revenue, SIC Code, Employee Count, etc. Ourcustomized b2b mailing addresses helps roll out personalized campaigns as per marketing requirement. Marketing targets according to customer type, gender, industry and area is ensured by our business email databases. All this involves digging government records, event registers, worldwide subscription lists and so.

Condition email marketing for wide-spread customer engagement

While we found that up to 53% of emails are accessed through mobile devices, eMarketer reported that 69.7% of US internet users prefer email for communicating with businesses. Email marketing is an eco-friendly and highly deliverable medium of direct marketing. Business prospects give emails more preference because:

  • It reduces the time taken by other mediums of marketing generally and hence the effort involved is less
  • Real-time messages can be sent without any hang-ups
  • Messages can be personalized according to type of customer and industry
  • Business communications should be timed and the frequency has to be set by the marketers, but the advantage is that communication can be more frequent and smooth than any other marketing medium
  • Send test emails to contacts and check who are your potential customers
  • Emails are better in accommodating a variety of information for your customers at low overhead costs

Convert prospects into loyal customers with our responsive business email database

At Email Data Group, we believe that with our accurate and precise b2b marketing list getting along with your marketing strategy, you can hang on to the success of your campaigns with guaranteed quality customers for a very long term. How our b2b email database walk you through your small to big marketing tasks? See below:

  • Place online banner ads or send flyers, e-brochures, e-books, whitepapers or video presentations through email using our business to business email list.
  • Proactively communicate with your existing/prospective customers with our e-mail lists and not passively wait for them to come back with a response or visit/re-visit your website or call you up.
  • Foster existing client relationships and build new ones by converting your one-time visitors and subscribers into long-term business partners with the support of our effective b2b email and mailing lists.
  • Buy B2B Email Lists to improve ROI on highly responsive e-mail campaigns by developing profitable customer relationships over a number of successful business deals.

Compete globally with competitors using our affordable b2b email data

  • Use your “unique selling proposition” to attract customers to your products/services
  • Promote brand significantly through notable messages showcasing precisely what the decision makers are looking for
  • Prosper your marketing and business horizons with more quality customers
  • Gain lead counts that companies with similar products are chasing

To know about our latest email marketing data offers, call Email Data Group at 800-710-4895 or email us at info@emaildatagroup.net. Business growth happens through valuable business partnerships. So why not impress your business prospects today with our b2b email address database?

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