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When to dust down your data door

Compliance and transparency of data are now at top of the list for any existing company. Data is getting vast every day. In “big data” era you need clean, relevant and reliable data that gives you better insight about your customer. In an ideal B2B scenario, the picture is even more complex. This data provides you more clarity about your potential customer, helps you build a strong, deep relationship with them.

Customer data analytics contributes in providing you operational efficiency. Your customer is in need of strong, relevant and clear communication from you. A simple and consistent experience makes them remember you. Only data you have collected so far can help you convert data into valuable information and open doors for you.

Data you have collected from multiple sources can be erroneous, duplicate and irrelevant. Inconsistencies in existing data can happen because of typographical error, duplicate entry, or by corruption in transmission or storage. Those improper data, if used for important decision making, can cause critical error. Predictive, predefined model can become unreliable and irrelevant.

Dirty data has a significant impact on most of strategic business initiatives, not only in sales and marketing. Poor quality customer data leads to increasing cost. There are excessive expenses on customer communication processes as well.

Greatest barrier to lead generation is nothing but poor quality of this data.

Before these errors occur, they should be removed as soon as possible. Inconsistencies from existing data should be removed immediately to have a better vision. End result gives you fresh, error-free data. Old and useless data are cleaned from existing records. Corrupted and inaccurate records are removed from records set.

There are multiple benefits of data cleansing. It is cost-effective and you do not waste money in storing old, outdated data. Once you clean your data door, you can build a strong bonding with error- free, reliable data. This improved accurateness can result in increasing your ROI. Productivity increases with clean and updated data.

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