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What it takes to craft a winning email

Designing a great email is no rocket science, but it has an adverse impact on the success of email campaign when it goes wrong. We’ve all done it! Tried, tested, failed, and faired with email marketing. From our experience of email writing and designing, we have learnt and practiced these small but effective tips in crafting a successful email.

Offer Value

Create a strong message with a value that matters to your connections. Make sure to bring out this value offered in your subject line to enhance the click-through rates.


Personalization is an essential step to see your email being opened. Users are 22% more likely to read mails that include their first name in the subject line. Leveraging your email list in a smart way can boost the success rate of your email campaign.

Over use of caps

Use of capital letters is one of the top 5 reasons that result in greater open rates, however over use of capitals creates noise in your email. The chances of emails with ALL CAPS getting flagged as spam are high too.

Customize your email

Many people read the preview before opening the email. Customizing the first few lines of the email captivates your customers’ attention. Keep it short, customized to their interest and offer an immediate value.

Simple creative

A simple creative that is not copy heavy is always effective. People are time stressed and they seek to read emails that are to-the-point and can easily understand the purpose.


A teaser evokes the thought of the readers leaving them to wonder “what’s next?” This strategy supported with relevant use of creative, keeps your audience anticipating and lifts the click-through rates.


Induce urgency in the call to action. CTA like “Grab your copy now!” has seen more success than a simple “Save your copy of ePaper”. Also, intelligent use of right colors drives people to take more action. Orange and red are the two colors for CTA buttons that have achieved greater clicks.


Asking questions spikes the interest and creates a tendency in the readers to answer that would be converted into a click.

Social Connect

Include your social networking hooks in your emails. This creates an opportunity to continue the conversation and also encourages users to spread the word if they find it interesting enough.

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