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Various types of email lists we provide

  • Spam free lists
  • Pre packaged lists
  • Customized lists
  • Geo targeted lists
  • Professional lists
  • Technology lists

So which types of email list should you be using

Spam free lists are highly cleansed lists which do not contain any sort of spam traps. This ensures that there are no issues with email deliverability, open rates and click through rates.

Prepackaged lists are tailor made customized lists which are made according to specifications. This can be used immediately without any sort of editing or testing. Custom list is another type of prepackaged list which is delivered to a certain client specification. It can be any type of specification.

Geographically segmented lists are important when the brands are not global. If they have a strong local presence, it makes sense to send emails to local ids, rather than to a global list.

Lists which are restricted to certain professions are also available. This is a sure shot means of reaching the segmented demographic. It saves time and does wonders when it comes to click through rates. Here the email deliverability is increased by almost 60-80%.

These features are assured means of achieving higher click through rates. It has been tried and tested and results have been achieved across the board. The more segmented and more specific the technology list is, the more it gets opened and more traffic goes to the website. Companies which have used these innovative concepts have seen an increase of around 40-50% in lead generation statistics.

Email Data Group has a bag full of email marketing integrated services including, B2B and B2C email lists, email writing and designing, email campaigns, campaign tracking and reporting. Contact us at 800-710-4895 or email us at info@emaildatagroup.net and get into a habit of winning.


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