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Improve customer relationship with Right Data

For marketers data is like air. Data is getting “bigger” and “better” every day. This valuable data, whether they are “big” or “small”, you need them to evaluate your potential customer in today’s data-driven market scenario. You follow the best strategy to understand their requirements and optimize your interactions with them.

When you have a strategy, developed inside your organization, you are able to keep a track of their contacts, communications, accounts, purchases, and preferences. It allows you to match your customer’s need with existing products and services that you offer. Following a customer-relationship strategy you can,

  • Identify your best customers
  • Customize the way you interact with your customer
  • Manage marketing campaigns
  • Reduce customer response time
  • You can serve across a large geographical domain

What is “big” data?

It is estimated that nearly 2.5 quintillion data gets generated every day. This data can be relevant to marketing team, although they may not be easily available or readily working. An effective analytics can certainly help you to combine and make use of massive data. You can understand the cause behind this data “disorder”. This “big” data would not mean anything to marketers if large volume data does not help them to solve basic, day-to-day problems.

“Small data”- what is it?

Small data manages to accumulate “small” breadcrumbs, that each of us leaves while making a simple transaction. Every day while we “tweet”, conduct web searches, visit social sites, buy products, or use digital media to browse product reviews while shopping. These digital traces create an intriguing array of information about people who connect with brands. Small data tends to be more personal, clear, understandable, targeted—and, very important to marketers, they actually work.

“Data” that solves your problem

You make most of this data when you actually can use them to solve your regular problems. In an ideal scenario, both marketers and business people can access this data and make use of it. It releases you from vast realm of data.

Ultimately it is not about casting vote, considering quantity of data, but using it in a way so that it solves our day-to-day problems. A marketer needs a correct combination of both “big” and “small” data with right tools and analytics.

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