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Harness Positive Responses with the Right Landing Page

Did you know that 45% of the users who click your email campaign lose interest after visiting the landing page? What is the reason for this user bail out? Studies point out that the main reason is the wrong orientation of landing pages. Let's examine this factor in detail:

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the first page in your website viewed by a visitor, might be via link , ad, a search result, or email promotion. Every landing page is designed to carry out the end goal. In this case, prompt the visitors to do the desired action prompted in the email promotion.

Landing pages are vital front-end customer engagement web pages that communicate directly to your users. In practice, many web masters take very little effort to build customized landing page. Research shows that customized landing pages increase lead conversions by 52%.

Let's examine the best ways you can jazz up landing page performance:

Create a focused landing page

According to a recent survey, 18% of e-marketing campaigns dumped the visitors at their home page. This treatment of visitors, incidentally contributes to the higher visitor bail out. Best practice is to create separate landing page for each campaign. Studies have shown that focused landing pages can double the revenue than a generic landing page.

Create explicit call to action

Direct visitors to your landing page through a graphic button or hot linked text about what they need to do. Compel them to take action by using words like subscribe, buy, etc. Reinforce your email call to action by repeating it in your landing page.

Optimize display of price

Landing page must cater to visitor requirements on issues relating to product price. Understand the visitor behavior, and as required display upfront price details. Some sites prolong visitor stay by using deep or hidden links to provide price details. As time goes, chances of losing visitor proportionally goes up.

Write a copy that converts

The copy on your landing page must use a mix of compelling sales points with powerful psychological triggers. Study your target audience and use the right buying triggers to generate the required action. Choose words that speak the likely benefits for the users. This will usher a positive trend to click on your call to action.

Match the look and feel

The look and feel of the landing page must synchronize with the email campaign. A consistent design, similar look and feel gives the visitors a sense of belonging and enables users to instantly relate with the email campaign.

Use customer testimonials

Recent studies have pointed out that users associate with firms having accredited to recognized organizations. Get customer testimonials and place them on your website. This provides the much valued guarantee, value to your offering.

Create web pages that load fast

Design web pages that load easier. Use graphics or flash designs sparingly on your landing page. If your landing page takes too much time to load, then there is every chance of visitors closing your landing page window. Optimize the images, graphics to make your page load quickly.

Create a hook element on your site

Utilize every second while the visitor is in your website. Provide eye-catching anchor statements to keep your web page more compelling.

Examples of popular hook used in landing pages:

  • Product guarantees or money back guarantees
  • Free or shipping discounts
  • Discount offers on bulk purchases
  • Special offer or sale information
  • Customer service or satisfaction guarantees
  • Free trials and no-risk offers

Finally, test

So, how to make sure that your landing page is more than merely adequate? The good news is that you don't have to be a technologist to find the end value. Plenty of clues can be captured from the right use of analytics report and you can go forward with the right changes for your landing page.

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