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Framework of a flawless landing page

Success of a lead generation campaign greatly depends on a well-developed landing page. Driving your customers to a landing page is a task in itself, but retaining them on the page and urging them to take a specific action is a more difficult job. Here are eight essential elements that go into developing an impeccable landing page.

Headline and AD Copy

Connect the ad copy that drives users to the landing page and the headline/title of the landing page well. One of the reasons that contribute to users abonding a landing page is the disconnect between the ad copy that set a different expection to the user compared to what was offered later.

Visual Elements

Design a visually rich page but not a cluttered one. Use images and videos that add value to the copy used on the page. supportive visuals appeals to the users and are easier to comprehend.

Flawless Copy

All the readers who visit your landing pages might not be expert content writers but they expect you to be one. Before they consider doing business with you, they will evaluate your page and even a small typo could be a reason enough for them to ditch you! Proofread a few times to present a flawless content.

Trust Factors

Do you have testimonials from your clients or media coverage? This is the first thing to consider adding to your landing page. Trust building elements like these can boost the conversion rate. Mention the security certifications if your business requires important user data.

Relevant Links

Using too many links to other sites will divert the visitors from focusing on your content. Also, pick and choose the number of links you include within your site. As the users are already looking for specific content to consume, it is not a great idea to promote too many other links

Strong Calls-to-Action

Now that you have got the right content in place, make sure to match it with strong call-to-actions (CTA). Without this, all the efforts in creating the landing page will go in vain. Ensure the CTA buttons are in bright colors to attract attention.


Utilizing the best space on the landing page real-estate is as important as creating great CTAs. Above the fold is the most recommended space to both grab the attention of the users and also drive them in right direction of actions to to be performed.


An A/B testing is the best practice that gives you insights on what works best for you, says marketing experts. Create 2 copies, designs and layouts with different CTAs and test them. The results will tell you what works best for your target audience.

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