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4 Ideas to Optimize Email Timing and Frequency

Time is Money is an old clich we all know by heart. But to what extent do we really apply it to our business? Though marketers are always running short of time, it therefore becomes very important to deliver the Right Message at the Right Time.

To make life of marketers easy, here are 5 ideas which can help timing and frequency right every time.


1. Welcome Campaign

If you have a new lead in your database, nothing beats a welcome email to start a good relationship with them. Introduce your offers, subscriptions, etc. Give them resources like white papers, eBooks, guides which can help them know more about your company or industry. The more you interact with new customers, the better you get to know their behavior and interests. By having this info, you can send them more personalized emails and grab their attention.

2. Obtain Preferred Frequency

Baffled by the fact that subscribers like your stuff but some still unsubscribe. Where do you think it went wrong? Even if are sending valuable information, but if you overdo it, people will unsubscribe. To break from this, you can ask subscribers the frequency they would like to get communication messages from you.

3. Perfect Time Calculator

You might have carefully crafted and designed email, but they would be of no use if buried under 30 emails in recipients’ inbox. You can avoid this scenario by utilizing new tools, which track the email accessing behavior of the recipient. These tools are automatic and can send your email based on the time the recipient is likely to check their inbox.

4. Buying Cycle Messaging

Buyer passes through different stages right from the time they opt-in to the time deal closes. You cannot send same email content in all the phases. For example if the customer is in the buying phase and you send him promotional content about your product, it would be irrelevant. To avoid this, have relevant content for all the phases of the buying cycle and send accordingly.


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