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Increase Conversion Rate with Accurate Content

According to our survey, 36% of the marketers said that creating engaging content was their marketing biggest challenge. Content is like the heart of marketing without which you cannot make your first move. So how can you beat this, Four simple techniques to break through the hassles and create killer content

Get it from the customers

You want to make new customers, but before that, start talking to the ones you already have. They can provide answers to questions like:

  • How did they come to know about your brand?
  • Why did they choose you over your competitors?
  • What would make them buy more from you?

Unwind these conversations to valuable content and use it in the best channels possible. You can get answers by:

  • Ask your customers for feedback in your emails through questions comments, reviews, etc.
  • Start conversations and engage customers on social networking sites
  • Set up conversations with your most loyal customers over the phone

Repurpose content

You have a blog, website or collateral like brochures, white papers, articles, these are your repository of content. All you need to do is sort it and leverage it properly. Repurposing content is the current trend; you can get greater results from this practice.

How do you do it?

  • Pick up a blog post. which got a number of comments, repurpose it in to an article or an appropriate collateral
  • Select an email that has given you good results and reuse the content in a blog
  • Convert the print media content smartly to online-friendly and customer-targeted content
  • Reshape whitepapers to article or help guides or even a blog posts.
  • You can create a white paper from the content of a webinar
  • Collate all blog posts to make a help guide

Get inspired from the old content

Unlock the block

Everyone faces the Writer's Block. The only way to pass through this hurdle is with Lateral Thinking. You can get innovative ideas by thinking out of the box.

What can you do to get the new stuff?

  • Try correlating your hobbies to your work, bringing your hobby to work might just spark some creative ideas
  • Try to revamp the content for a different target audience
  • Create a mind map to get free flow of writing

Most writers struggle with this block, you are not alone. The greatest way to come out of this is to keep writing. Scribble nonsense, but just keep the words flowing. You might end up unearthing beautiful content.

Bring it up Together

Once you have the content, you work is half done. The other half is how and where to use this content. To allocate content in place, answer the questions first:

  • What is the main objective of the content?
  • Who are the target audience?
  • To whom does the content suit best Beginners, intermediate users or expert users?
  • What channels can be used blog posts, white papers, articles, or webinars?
  • Can the content be used for multiple channels?
  • Do you have ways to measure your ROI?

Niche content creates more value in the minds of anyone who confronts the brand. If you know whom to aim at, you can frame a perfect scheme for conversion.


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