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Add missing email addresses to your customer contact database

Email is considered as the easiest, fastest and affordable way to keep in touch with your customers. Therefore, Email Data Group's Email Appending Services helps you to make your email better by adding accurate email addresses to your contact database. If you are rolling out an email marketing campaign it is necessary for marketers to have access to accurate email addresses. As a marketer if you have only selective email addresses and phone numbers it becomes a challenging task to achieve your business goal.

Our Email Append adds existing business email addresses to your contact database helping you to keep in touch with direct mail subscribers and boosting the size of your email list. By adopting our appending services marketers can adopt email as a means of communication to explore new opportunities.

Email append process and how it works

At Email Data Group our email append process is meticulously and systematically designed. We promise our clients short delivery cycle and appending as many emails to your database as possible. After we receive your customer contact data we,

  • Match them to our exclusive master file
  • You will get authentic contact information stating when and how each address was acquired along with time and date
  • We ensure your list has error-free email addresses to your customer list and has only deliverable addresses
  • We do not include email addresses that bounce and recipients who opt out
  • We get your contact permission and return the results to you
  • We ensure your file is based on our most current data and you get to purchase and download only your appended file

With our exclusive service, we have helped businesses successfully append data across countries. Email based campaigns have resulted in better ROI and this is reason enough why you should also get your data appended and increase your ROI. Try our email appending services and help us guide you through the process.

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Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

Miss Tracey Ellis
Tracey Ellis
Vice President, Marketing

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