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Grow your business and maximize your ROI with Email Appending Service

The process of adding or updating a missing email address into a customer record within your database is known as Email Appending. At Email Data Group we believe that adopting Email Appending Service can significantly improve email marketing metrics on all levels. The process of appending will allow you to get information about your target consumers, as well as help you correct errors such as invalid emails and domains.

We have been in the industry for over a decade and today we are known across countries as the most responsive and affordable contact data enhancement and for our Email Append Services in the industry. Our team is experienced in the field and can help you locate and append a matching email address that the consumer has given permission to receive marketing messages by using a name and postal address.

Engage with your future prospects through Email Database Append

Although Email marketing started years ago it is seen as still thriving and has the potential to enhance your ROI. However, this can happen only if you are marketing with clean and deliverable email addresses. That is why our team is available to help you understand how to make the lists you have perform better and help you connect to your best customers and prospects through Email Append.

At Email Data Group we feel that appending your data has never been easier. Our team collates the data and combines the best available public data with curated, proprietary databases to give you the best, most reliable match possible through our Email Appending Services.

Best Practices of Email Appending

  • The best time to append is during off season and 1 month prior to your high season..
  • You can begin with customers who have been active and you don't have access to an email address and then move slowly back through older records..
  • Databases can be updated regularly such as monthly, quarterly or bi-annually..
  • So, use our Email Database Append service and take some of your valuable time out to get your emails in order and reach your targeted audiences.

    If you want to boost sales and reduce marketing costs at the same time, then send across your customer file to us at and find email addresses matching the current names and mailing addresses in our database.

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    Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

    Miss Tracey Ellis
    Tracey Ellis
    Vice President, Marketing

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