IT Marketers and Market Penetration

Information Technology companies rely largely on networking to share, build and communicate value proposition to its target audience. And today, most IT companies and brand use digital marketing channels to build this network.

At Email Data Group, we have specialized service designed to help IT marketers reach their desired goals. Our list solutions, and campaign management solutions help you to:

  • Send out email campaigns to target audience
  • Drive responses and increase subscribers
  • Alert prospects to new releases and updates
  • Promote new software solutions and custom application
  • Geo-target prospets to increase world wide penetratin of your producsts/solutions
  • Increase awareness to your products

Besides, we assist large to small IT busiensses to build positive business relationship through marketing.

On the day of her graduation, Judy finished reading Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. It certainly was the turning point in her life because instead of her 5 figure engineering job she decided to join a start-up that developed gaming apps – because that’s what she wanted to do. The start-up experience not only shaped her go-getter, never-say-die attitude but also made it possible to have different perspectives and ideas about people, circumstances and situations. Today after lending her support and knowhow to more than 8 start-ups, she is a successful Digital Marketer and Consultant, having first-hand experience in working on social media, email blasts, online marketing and SEO. Based out of Ohio, Judy stays with her pet pug, enjoys wine and coffee, and celebrates Thanksgiving with her friends from the 1st start-up!