7 Reasons You Should Invest in Email Marketing

Email Marketing is important. And many business owners believe that it is the most powerful strategy that can be used by them. For startups and established businesses, you can use email marketing to connect with new customers, build a relationship with current customers and retain them, create a market presence, increase sales and grow your business as well.



Most businesses used to handle email marketing on their own, but in this competitive era of digital marketing, they have realized that in the long term it’s best to get it outsourced.

When your business grows, you tend to become more competitive, and it is then you should invest in email lists for your email marketing campaigns. As it is cost-effective, it aids you in building your brand, increases your ROI, and allowing you to target your audience.

Annual revenue becomes important to all businesses. It is wise to strategize your marketing budget. So, what can one do about it?

Here are 7 reasons why you businesses should put more money into email marketing.

1.When your business lacks a measurable marketing plan:

Most companies don’t have a marketing plan in place. So it is important to be familiar with digital marketing aspects, like email marketing, SEO, web designing, content creation, and content creation, and much more.
A marketing firm may want to know what exactly you want to achieve. They will make sure you take advantage of the right channels and have something concrete in place.

2.Your website gets traffic, but has no results:

It’s a great feeling to see your website is drawing more visitors. But if there are no conversions, then what is the use. So, it becomes important for you to understand your audience.

When you have a marketing plan, you can collect data about your visitors and create targeted campaigns. So, in the future, you can keep them engaged with your marketing messages.

3.When your website has become old and outdated:

Having an old website does not lead you anywhere. So, you need to have the right design team to make it more captivating for your audience, while meeting your business objectives.

You might want your website to be designed in such a way as to generate leads, and produce more sales.

4.When you don’t have a blog of your own:

Today, it is crucial for SEO to have a company blog. It is an exceptional channel for communication, trust-building, and leads nurturing. Updating it regularly makes the search engines happy. So, invest in blogging and create engaging content and post it on the best channels available.

5.When you do not have engaging followers:

While you have followers on Facebook and Twitter, they may be friends. And you need some real followers who will become advocates for your brand. Here number does not matter, quality of followers does. So, engage them with your messages and ask for feedback and respond to comments, be it good or bad. This is the best social media platform designed for building and nurturing relationships.

6.When your emails have become stale and boring:

If you happen to send the same old email to your customers on your subscriber list, you are limiting your potential. With the number of tools available in the market, it is has become easier to collect data on your leads and segment them into different categories. You can also personalize your messaging that helps in the buyer’s journey.

7.When you have a lot to share with customers but don’t:

While you may have enough information to share with your customer, you may not have the time to organize or put together your content into a series of posts. So, it’s best to invest in email marketing and create content such as e-books, white papers, infographics, etc. and begin to establish your business. If you want to succeed and grow your business, the best way is to provide them with relevant information that answers their generic questions.



Email marketing has its own benefit and only an experienced marketing service provider will be able to guide you in all the different aspects like SEO, social media, content writing, design, development, strategy, and more.

By following Email Marketing Best Practices marketers can take their business to the next level of success. Therefore, at Email Data Group in order to remain competitive, small and large businesses must take advantage of the channels that are waiting for you. Contact us today at Email Data Group! You can call on 800-710-4895 or Email us at info@emaildatagroup.net

Amy John is a marketing executive with over 12 years of experience in the execution of marketing and lead generation strategies. Currently, she heads the marketing department at Email Data Group, a renowned B2B database provider.