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Blog Creation & Management

It takes less than 10% of a marketer’s time to manage a blog well. Now imagine generating new customers through Blog Creation and Management!

Blogging is part of content marketing strategy and is one of the latest ways to help clients utilize their budgets effectively. A good blog requires a lot more effort than most people realize and it can completely change the customers’ way of seeing your brand.

Marketers say good blogs can boost your website’s traffic and increase the chances of getting pulled by search engines. Using relevant keywords can drive your prospect to your website. Blogging increases your ROI and creates a positive impression in the minds of your future prospects.

A smart blog helps improve brand awareness, boost sales and conversions, connect with global prospects, and increases business opportunities. So, how can you create a successful blog?

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  • Select blog topic - First, you need to clearly define your blog's topic as it has to be from your area of expertise and also relate to your business niche.
  • Register and host your blog - First, you need to look into your blog's URL structure. A domain name is a text in the URL by which you can identify your website. You also have the subdomain that is part of your root domain and are helpful for organizing multiple content types. Then comes hosting your blog through the same software on which your website is run. Or you can host your business's blog through WordPress, Blue host, etc.
  • Designing your blog - Your blog design should be well-organized, clean, easy to navigate, and enticing so that your readers can read and share your content.
  • Write and manage your blog - You need someone who will be writing, running, and managing your blog. Therefore, you need to create ownership around each component to reap the benefits of a successful blog operation.
  • How frequently you will share blog posts - You need to be consistent while posting your blogs to keep your audience engaged and interested. Moreover, by using a content calendar you can easily manage and schedule your blog posts.
  • Content has to be compelling and valuable - Your blog content has to keep your readers engaged and loyal to your blog thereby converting them to potential customers.
  • Include CTAs - CTAs should encourage readers to click on it without straying far from the purpose of the blog post. Therefore, it should be uniquely designed for your blogs.
  • Launch your blog - You finally get to launch your blog and share the content you've been working so hard to create. Put it on the landing page on your website and send your email list of clients to your blog and even share it through various social media channels.

What is Blog Management?

Blog management includes finding new topics to post, knowing your target audience, keyword research, selecting the right promotion tools, and lots more. Blog management is a crucial part of your content marketing strategy that keeps everything on track.

Best tips for Effective blog management

  • Know Your Audience - You need to know the audience you’re writing for about their likes, dislikes, and generally what they prefer. You can do this by creating a buyer’s persona to get a background of your customer. You can also do a survey to match their needs as accurately as possible.
  • Focus on Your Niche - Develop a laser focus on your niche that relate to that industry. So, it's best to keep your topics on point.
  • Produce Quality Content - Make sure to post quality content that offers informative value and fulfills your audience's needs. If the topic is too long you should break it up into smaller content pieces, which gives you more pages in which you can rank in the SERPs.
  • Keep a Solid Editorial Schedule - By scheduling your posts, you can decide when your team plans to post and then decide on topics and keywords and stick to that publication date.You can keep your team informed about deadlines so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Use a Blog Management Tool Like Studio - You can use a blog management tool that will help marketing teams manage their projects and campaigns. Your team can control projects from one central location making it easier to see where each post is in the content creation process and push it to completion.
  • Provide Value - Blog management is all about providing value and giving your target audience the engaging and informative content they’re looking for.
  • Find Opportunities for More Content - After your team posts a new blog, it should give a new idea for a follow-up piece of content or provide additional important information.
  • Keyword Research - You need to know what keywords to target within your posts to understand what people are actually searching for online so that you can aim to be that resource by including those terms in your posts. Keyword research is the tool you can use to ensure your content gets in front of the right audience.
  • Stop Content Cannibalism - Make sure you create content around topics that you haven’t written yet. If you have to update the information, then you must go back and add to the existing post instead of creating a new one. In addition, you can look at your existing blog for new topics that can be combined for better effectiveness.

While most people believe that creating and managing blogs is easy, the above-mentioned blog management tips are a great way to stay on track along the way. It even helps you to restructure your content creation needs. Growing an influential blog in your niche will surely nurture your potential customers. By creating and posting regular content you'll start to build trust and loyal customers that will contribute to the overall success of your business.

It takes less than 10% of a marketer’s time!

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