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Our exclusive email list increases CTR on email campaigns

Email marketing services and email marketing software are the backbone of almost all business houses across the globe today. This goes without saying that without a correct list of emails, successful email campaigns will remain an unachievable target. In 2014, Custora had reported in its “E-commerce Pulse Mobile report” that email is the second biggest revenue driver on both mobile phones and tablets. To buy list of business emails, a marketer should have a definite marketing strategy. At Email Data Group, we help you identify your target audiences in our massive in-house master-file and that helps you to shape your marketing strategy. This file is sub-divided into various segments to suit the different preferences of marketers.

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  • Since ten years, our teams providing contact discovery services, have come up with exclusive and highly deliverable e-mail lists of end users. To make our in-house customer database more client-centric, we segment email addresses to build a unique email address list. No business data is error-proof and to make sure every small to big marketing data is useful and delivery-driven, we run a dual verification using online and offline procedures. This ensures every email address is SMTP verified, can-spam act compliant and has correct domain names. We believe that email address should be accurate and should not have missing or repetitive fields.

    We launch millions of opt-out email campaigns to check the authenticity of each email address. We provide spam-free lists, customized lists, geo-targeted lists, professional lists, and industry-centric lists. We divide targeted email lists based on different demographics, so that marketers are able to reap higher open rates and click through rates on email campaigns. We ensure that our email list of decision makers increase campaign deliverability up to 75% and beyond.

    Acquire responsive email marketing list in 3 creative ways

    There is no fixed rule of acquiring an email database, however, marketers can adopt either of the three methods of email list acquisition mentioned below:

    • Buy email list: You can buy email lists based on specific demographics.
    • Rent an email database: You have to work with the email provider to send out your email.
    • Own opt-in email addresses: Some voluntarily give out their email addresses for opt-in emails on specific kinds of campaigns. Marketers can leverage from this and earn the trust of their contacts who are already interested customers.

    Boost business relationship with our email address list

    Business growth happens through quality client relationship. And when it begins with email marketing, then better get an e mail list that is segmented based on industry type, location, title, SIC code, NIC code, etc. So, if you buy email address list from us, you can utilize it diligently to enhance your email marketing techniques through cost-effective means. Buying email lists will help you to identify your potential customers through opt-in email messages, and fetch customer response in real-time. So, serve across a wider geographical magnitude by utilizing our email lists.

    Purchase email lists to fortify email campaigns in 4 steps

    Every campaign has to be customized according to the audience type and it goes without mentioning that delivering the Right Message at the Right Time can maximize deliverables. Here are 4 steps to be carefully used by marketers in their email campaigns to develop and maintain interest in their prospective customers towards their products/services.

    • Welcome Email Campaigns

      Welcome email is meant for building bridges between marketers and their business prospects. Every detail on new offers, subscriptions should be provided to prospective clients along with e-books, whitepapers, etc.
    • Ask for Preferred Frequency

      Do not send across information repeatedly, making subscribers unsubscribe before they want to place order for your services. Inquire subscribers about the frequency they would like to receive informative messages from you.

    • Time campaigns

      Utilize email access time tracking software to capture the time the recipients mostly check their inbox and through this tool send your email across to the recipient.

    • Message Depending on Buying Cycle

      Send relevant messages to customers depending on the buying cycle phase they are in.

    • Marketing email lists is a privilege for us who get to understand market trends from marketers like you. So, call us at 1-800-710-4895 or email us at info@emaildatagroup.net to get updates on our newest email marketing database offers. If you are worried about where to buy email lists, then we ensure that our service will positively affect your marketing scenario in terms of yielding high sales lead counts and revenues.

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