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Add Missing Emails to Your Marketing Database

Have any of your email campaigns ever bounced back? An email marketing database, if validated, can deliver expected returns and revenue on b2b and b2c campaigns without letting your campaigns get interrupted. According to recent research reports, the leads yielded by email marketing have been rated for high quality by 40% of b2b marketers in the recent years. If you are not reaping good results from your current database, get it appended. Email Data Group's email appending procedure requires both automated and manual tools that can verify and match a company's marketing database with that of data append vendor's in-house database. Then missing email addresses are added and incorrect or redundant email addresses are replaced in the company's existing database. The non-responsive email Ids are immediately deleted from your database and only the opt-in emails are allowed to be enter your data file. Our following services keep your existing customers within your reach by keeping your database fresh and effective:

Do you want to connect with your prospects?

Use appending serices from Email Data Group. Keep your customers & prospects engaged by using our various data appending services;

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Expand Marketing Reach with Email Append

In 2013, 56% of businesses increased their use of email marketing. So, get into the game with our appended email addresses and drive highly responsive email campaigns. At affordable marketing costs buy email list and give support to productive business partnerships. Our match rate for appended data is over 45%, which include email addresses that are SMTP verified, can-spam compliant and follow DMA guidelines. The benefits of our appended email addresses are:

  • optimization of cross-channel marketing
  • improve business communication through real-time emails
  • bulk emails sending makes diverse audience reach possible
  • increase in the response, lead counts and revenue from email activities

Our world-class email append services deliver current email IDs that belong to mailing addresses under specific customer demographics. In every possibility, marketers can follow customer behavior and buying trends with the help of our email address appended data that employs all-purpose profile identification. Few of the categories we cover are: Email, Phone, Fax, ZIP Code, SIC Code, License, Industry, Company, Revenue, Web Address, etc. The appended email lists belong to high-ranking professionals from small-sized to big-sized companies across industries. The industries we cover are - Financial Services, Education, Technology, Insurance, Advertising, Healthcare, Retail, Travel, Agriculture, Banking, Real Estate, etc.

Email Appending Services Differentiate Good Database from Bad

Most email append providers across nations are of high repute, though as a buyer you can make sure whether their services are what you need at the price stated by them and at the time mentioned by them. Well, it is not difficult to differentiate between a bad email address appending provider and a good one. There are a few questions you need ask your vendor while investing in an email data append service:

  • What is the email append match rate you are offering?
  • Who are you offering your services to off late?
  • Do you have a permission-based email list?
  • Can you prove if the email addresses are tested with opt-in and opt-out emails?
  • Do you create suppression files for opted-out emails?
  • Is a free match test offered?

If you want to boost sales and reduce marketing costs at the same time, then send across your customer file to us at info@emaildatagroup.net and acquire fresh and accurate email addresses matching the current names and mailing addresses in our database.

Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

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