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B2C Email Lists

Consumer Email List – Build and nurture customer loyalty

The way marketing has taken shape in the recent years, it can be said that internet is has been playing a major role in grooming it all the more. In times when almost every business professional is found glued to the internet, email has become a very important source of business communication. So, most companies would drive their campaigns across through email systems and Email Data Group's b2c mailing lists are built to aid the same. Our consumer email database assist campaigns that harbor complete product information, add-on services, discounts on products and added benefits. Save time and money by directing emails with a personal tone to relevant consumer addresses for an extensive market approach.

With high proximity of data becoming obsolete over a year's time, it is better to acquire maintain an up-to-date b2c email marketing database. At Email Data Group, we build business email list to help our clients strenghten b2c email marketing campaign. We collect raw customer data from bona fide public sources such as public directories, government records, online survey listings, yellow pages, etc. After all the essential data is collected by our contact discovery service teams, it is sent for dual verification, then cleansed and filtered to be systematically segmented as per defined categories to ascertain error-proof database delivery to our clients.

Boost email deliverability on campaigns with b2c email addresses

According to a recent study by Campaign Monitor, approximately 53% of emails are accessed from mobile devices. As per National Client Email report, most email marketers report that 30% of email revenue is derived from specific segment targeting. Want to know how accommodating email systems in your business can change the whole scenario for your promotions?

  • Emails take lesser time to get a message across to customers than any other marketing channel
  • Messages can be in real-time without any extra charge
  • Email systems provide massive space for personalizing messages as per the audience type and marketers' motive
  • Opted-in email systems also can be timed as per subscribers' requirements.
  • Both opt-in and opt-out emails can be sent to contacts to be guaranteed of potential customers among them at the end
  • Emails are an orderly way to keep in touch with consumers directly, making each attempt at reduced overhead cost
  • Bulk emails can be sent at the same time to target a huge mass of people

We fortify b2c email marketing list for high CTRs on email campaigns

As previously mentioned, we segment email addresses of customers, the categories we emphasize on are gender, age and location. Buy email list to connect with potential consumers with different interests to cater to diverse marketing requirements of our clients. Let us guide you through various utilities of our massive consumer database:

  • Through our business to consumer email list, serve banner ads online. Alternately, send fliers, whitepapers, video ppts., landing pages along with powerful call-to-action using email addresses.
  • Build new business relationships and nurture the existing ones through effective email campaigns. Attract visitors towards your offers through our customized b2c email and mailing lists.
  • To get reap high open rates and click-through rates on email campaigns, add customized templates with product description and best fitted marketing price, and roll them out prospective subscribers using our database of b2c email address.
  • Reap high ROI on successful email campaigns.

To know about our latest offers on fresh b2c email databases, Call Email Data Group at 800-710-4895 or drop us an email message at info@emaildatagroup.net. Trigger the sentiments of your potential email subscribers through our email lists and get best referrals for future business growth.

Your company is the only one that contacted me that included actual email address in the sample append that was sent back – really proof that we knew what we were going to be paying for...

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